Make Your Work Your Art

After a long day on my speaking tour in Australia, I pulled up a bar stool in Maze, a Gordon Ramsay Restaurant inside my hotel, for a quick bite to eat.

As I sat there enjoying a glass of red wine and waiting for my salad to arrive, I found myself completely entertained by the man behind the bar. Whether he was drawing a draft, pouring a glass of wine or making a martini, everything he did was done with care and amazing showmanship.

Bartending flair is nothing new, but this bartender had something extra. The way he flipped the cap off a beer and poured it from the bottle. The way he held the wine bottle as he filled a glass, or how he entertained as he created a custom martini?it was all done with level of intense dedication that I?ve never seen.

Not only was it beautiful to watch, but he had each person at the bar fully engaged within a few minutes of arrival. In short order he knew where you were from, why you were in Melbourne, how long you were staying and what you did for a living. It was as if he had a one-on-one conversation going with all 10-12 tired travelers sitting at the bar.

Everyone there was absolutely captivated. We were his audience and the bar was his stage. I often found myself hoping that someone would order another drink so I could watch the next act of his show. His work was his art, and he clearly loved it.

Not only did he love it, but let?s take a quick look at the possible (or more likely probable) outcome of his work:

  • Higher than average tips
  • Higher average sales (people stay longer and possibly have an extra drink)
  • Job security and a return engagement the next day
  • Plenty of repeat business

Not only did he love his work, but he was being rewarded well for it!

You don?t have to be a bartender for your work to be your art. The same opportunity is available to all of us?it?s not what we do that matters. It?s how we do it.

Do you do what you do so well that:

Your customers want to tell their friends about their experience with you?

Your customers want to have a return experience?

People can?t wait to pay you for the experience?

If you?re ever in Melbourne, stop by Maze in the Crown Metropol Hotel. If Tim is working, grab a front row seat and get ready to be entertained!

What do you do that creates a memorable experience for your customers? Please share in the comments?let?s learn from each other so we can create our own art!