Little Things Make a BIG Difference

Ever notice how sometimes even the smallest, thoughtful gestures can have a lasting effect and truly brighten your day? Imagine if you applied the concept of “delivering the unexpected” in the smallest of ways, on a more consistent basis, to your clients. Would you be remembered? Would your clients share their cool experience with others? Absolutely.

During a recent stay at the Westin Grand Hotel in Vancouver, I had the most extraordinary experience. I arrived for breakfast wearing track pants, a sweatshirt and ball cap and was greeted with a warm smile by a server named Jesse. After reviewing the menu, Jesse wrote down my order; and this is where the conversation ends with most servers but not Jesse.

Unexpected value #1

Jesse proceeded to ask if I wanted to relax quietly or if I preferred to read a newspaper. I delightedly accepted his offer for a newspaper and he brought me two papers to choose from!

Unexpected value #2

Next, when my food arrived, Jesse said it didn’t include toast, but he felt it should – so he asked if he could bring me some (no charge), which again, I delightedly accepted.


Jesse Ogden – Server Extraordinaire

By this point, I was already so wowed by Jesse’s intuitiveness and service that I’d been contemplating just how big his tip was going to be but Jesse wasn’t finished delivering the unexpected.

Unexpected Value #3

When it came time for the bill, Jesse delivered it with his usual smile but also brought with it a

complimentary bottle of water for the road. Little touch, but huge impact.

I have eaten breakfast in hundreds of hotels, and can honestly say I’ve never experienced service like this. You can bet my memorable breakfast with Jesse is something I’ll tell my friends and colleagues about for some time to come.

If you want your clients to remember you and share their experience with their friends and family – then think about Jesse next time you’re helping a client and deliver the unexpected.

Deliver the Unexpected by Richard Robbins thumbnailUntil next time, make it count!

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