Ep #94: What Drives You? Learning and Leaning Into Your Why with Larry Lloyd

In the 94th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with a dear friend who, now in his mid-seventies, spends the winter months golfing in Arizona all while maintaining a robust real estate business as Owner/Investor of Keller Williams Energy R.E. brokerage in his Canadian hometown of Oshawa.

Larry Lloyd began his working career as a P.E. teacher and coach. Coming from the world of professional lacrosse with the Philadelphia Wings, keeping active with the Durham Region youth seemed like the perfect fit.

After teaching for roughly a decade, Larry decided to get his real estate license. Within 2.5 years, he was the #1 agent in his office selling real estate part-time! This led me to the obvious question of how was that possible.

Larry tells me, “My bad answer was always, I showed up. I showed up at 8 in the morning and went to work. But really, if I think about it, there’s more than just showing up. I showed up with intention. I had something in mind and something to achieve.”

Larry’s determination, goal-setting and work ethic were the reasons why he was so successful, but he tells me there was one important thing he did, or didn’t do, that made it all possible.

“I didn’t wait,” he tells me. “I was just starting, I was in real estate 1 week. I didn’t wait to get my cards. I didn’t wait to get my sign. I think about that letter [I sent out] and I didn’t even put it on letterhead.”

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Larry and I discuss the importance of taking action. He tells me how he successfully balanced two jobs, the importance of continued education and learning from your peers and most importantly, Larry sheds light on why it is absolutely crucial for you to build a business worth owning.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why waiting until you’re ready is not the right decision
  • The importance of making a random phone call
  • The difference between owning a business and simply being a salesperson
  • Larry’s 3 pieces of advice that will change your business and life forever
  • Why continued education and investing in coaching is a game changer
  • Why everyone should expose themselves to entrepreneurship

Ideas Worth Sharing

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Resources in Today’s Episode

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