Ep #87: Coming Up for Air (Optimizing Your Business and Life) with Nick Sonnenberg

On the 87th episode of The Richard Robbins Show, I sit down with a man who, in his mid-twenties, was making a 7-figure salary in high-frequency trading building algorithms and coding computers. Today, his company helps businesses and individuals become more efficient so they can create a better life for themselves.

Nick Sonnenberg, Author, Speaker, Founder and CEO of Leverage, a leading operational efficiency consultancy, has yet to touch 40 years old but has already led a remarkable and unique life.

After making large sums of money in Asia and North America as a high-frequency trader, he left everything he knew and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship. While leaving all that money and stability behind must sound unusual for some, it was a simple decision for Nick.

“What am I going to regret more?” Nick told me. “That started swinging the decision to go into entrepreneurship.”

Recently, Nick published a book called, Come Up for Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work. This passion project took 4 years to write and publish but it was all worth it. “This book is supposed to be as relevant in 10 years as it is today.”

In this episode of The Richard Robbins Show, Nick and I talk about the importance of having your entire team speak the same ‘language’ with systems and tools. Nick talks about his 5 big ideas from his latest book, how to save exponential time in your business each year and why operational efficiency is the secret your business is missing.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why you and your business should run off tools, systems and best practices
  • Nick’s ‘5 Big Ideas’ from his recent book, Come Up for Air
  • How to save exponential time in your business
  • Learn Nick’s CPR Framework – Communicate, Plan, Resource
  • Why everything in your business should be found in ‘one or two clicks’
  • Why saving time and optimizing time is not exclusively the same
  • Looking at time differently in your calendar to generate more money
  • Why you must speak the same ‘language’ with your team

Ideas Worth Sharing

No one is using email right. If you can get a grip on your email and get your inbox to zero, you can start saving 3-5 hours a week and missing less opportunities. Nick Sonnenberg @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet It’s really hard to work together when you’re not speaking the same language. If you speak the same language with your team, you’ll get a lot more done! Nick Sonnenberg @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet People just need more capacity, but hiring people is usually the most expensive way to increase your capacity...then there is the soft-cost of every person you add to your team adds exponential complexity. @richardlrobbins Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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