Ep15: Make an Unlimited Income: Niche Marketing & Risk Analysis with Paul Baron

Our next guest’s failures have led to his greatest lessons. Paul Baron, a close friend of over 20 years, is the broker/owner of Canada’s #1 Century 21 brokerage for the last decade. He has been practicing real estate for 35 years and has nearly 800 agents currently working for him. He’s a successful entrepreneur, family man and real estate professional.

However, everything was not always so perfect.

Paul was a self-proclaimed ‘young and foolish’ real estate professional with aspirations of retiring at 35 years old. The housing market crash in the early 90’s left the then 28-year-old broke. He admits that, “I over-leveraged everything in order to build it faster…I didn’t understand that markets go up, but they also come down.”

Starting with nothing, Paul rebuilt, and in this episode of The Richard Robbins Show he tells us his secret to his resurrection. He explains the biggest mistakes most new business owners make, the importance of foresight in business and how a boy, living on his own at the age of 15, has created one of the strongest Century 21 brokerages in Canada.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • How hiring an administrative assistant or manager can increase revenue and become an investment.
  • Why setting an ‘End Goal’ is a crucial first step in business planning.
  • Why a work-life balance is necessary to a successful life.
  • The benefits and disadvantages between starting a team versus starting a brokerage.
  • How creating a niche can separate you as a business person.
  • How to get 3 transactions from every listing.
  • How to ensure your new business survives and thrives.
  • Why providing value, before you get the order, should be the first step to any transaction.
  • Why technology should complement our communication skills, not replace them.
  • Why understanding risk is critical before making any business decision.
  • The biggest philosophy of Paul’s award-winning business.

Ideas Worth Sharing

Your long-term goals are too small; your short-term goals are too big. Paul Baron @c21leadingedge Click To Tweet
I look at all of the change, all of the new competitors, and it gives us an opportunity to be better at what we do. Paul Baron @c21leadingedge Click To Tweet
Change is nothing but opportunity. @richardlrobbins @c21leadingedge Click To Tweet
A goal is not as much to determine where you want to be, as it is to tell you what to do today. @richardlrobbins @c21leadingedge Click To Tweet
Nobody is successful on their own. @richardlrobbins @c21leadingedge Click To Tweet

Resources in Today’s Episode

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