Demystifying Business Coaching Models to Find the Right One For You

Coaching is now one of the fastest growing services in North America. Not just in real estate, but in business generally.

And why not? For decades, coaching has made a critical difference for athletes. All Olympic gold medal athletes have coaches. Some professionals may have a number of coaches—a golfer might have a swing coach, a putting coach, a physical coach, and more often than ever, a mental coach as well.

The same applies to teams. A professional sports team will often struggle until the existing coach is replaced. Everything else remains the same—the players, the equipment, the facilities—but a better coach brings the team to a higher level.

Regardless of industry or profession, great coaches serve the same purpose: they help people produce extraordinary results by inspiring and empowering them to perform at their best.

This is exactly what we do at Richard Robbins International. We help real estate and mortgage professionals build fun, profitable and sustainable businesses that fully support the lives they want to live.The question I am asked most often, however, is what makes our coaching model different from others in the same sector?

It’s a great question. If you’re thinking about joining a coaching program, you want to find the right fit. Here’s an outline of the three primary models that we see in the industry. Understanding them will help you find the best one for you.

Model #1: One-Size-Fits All Model

This model uses coaches that generally have little to no industry experience and work based on a system that they have been taught. They’re not former agents or brokers, but are trained to coach using systems specific to the company they work for.

  • Pros:Generally the least expensive option.
  • Cons: Coaches generally have a limited range of experience and therefore their ability to “dance” in the moment and provide accelerated learning (rapid implementation of tools and skills) specific to you and your business is minimized.

Model #2: Top Agent Coach Model

This model uses top agents as coaches who are still actively selling real estate.

  • Pros:They walk the talk.
  • Cons:Tends to be the most expensive model as top agents are to be well compensated to spend time coaching. They may have limited time availability and clients may have reduced access to their coach’s time. And, contrary to what you might think, top agents don’t always make the best coaches.

I’ve learned over time that the best agents don’t make the best coaches. In sports, the coaches aren’t better athletes than their clients—some of the greatest coaches in history were never the best players. For best results, you want to be coached by the best coach not the best player.

Vince Lombardi (1913-1970) is hailed as one of the greatest football coaches of all time, best known for his work with the Green Bay Packers in the 1950’s. Vince was described as a spirited player during his brief playing career at prep school and Fordham University, but his playing career is not why he will be honored and remembered decades to come – it is because he was an extraordinary coach.

Model #3: The Customized Coaching Model

This is the Richard Robbins International (RRi) model. RRi coaches are experienced agents with strong business acumen and at least 15 years in the industry. More importantly, though, RRi coaches possess unwavering passion and a gift for helping others achieve the business and life of their dreams.

  • Pros: An ideal combination of the previous two models, offering strong skill building techniques based on experience, plus affordability – somewhere in the middle in terms of pricing. This approach also offers the added bonus of customized programming that enables skilled coaches to drill deep into your business and develop a plan that is designed exclusively for you and your business.
  • Cons:Slightly more expensive then the first model.

Why We Use a Customized Model

It’s important to me to have coaches who have a great deal of real estate experience as it allows them to fully relate to our clients challenges. It also gives them the freedom to propose ideas that might be outside of the RRi teachings based their own experience. In addition, we know that who you are and how you love to do business are as unique to you as your own DNA. Our coaches are skillfully trained to tap into your greatest strengths and passions and create a business that is not only sustainable and profitable but that fully supports the life you want to live.

I am very proud of the results our coaches produce for our members. Their results stand up against the best in the industry. If that’s a fit for you, why not try a complimentary coaching session – learn more about RRi coaching here.