A Fresh Approach to Social Media in 2018

You’re sitting in a restaurant you’ve never been to before, trying to decide what to order.  When the waiter comes around, you ask him, “What would you recommend?” He might say, “Everything here is great,” but he might also say something like, “The salmon is amazing. I know fish isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the sauce is out of this world.

Which response are you more likely to trust?

Clearly, it’s the second response.  The waiter is not trying to please everyone.  Instead he is being authentic.  Instinctively, people can sense that authenticity and are much more likely to trust you because of it.

Authenticity is vitally important to how we approach social media in 2018 and beyond.  People can tell when you sound like a marketer.

Here’s an example.  Which post are you more likely to engage with?

1/  The market in Burlington is hot! It’s the perfect time to sell!  


2/ A few quick tips for Burlington buyers in this hot seller’s market:

  • Have a pre-approval letter from your bank
  • Liquidate finances so you’re ready with a 5% deposit bank draft at the time of writing an offer
  • Be prepared to buy before you sell, since selling in this market is often much faster than buying

Good luck out there homebuyers.  Call or text any time if you need help navigating this hot market.

While the message is similar in both, the second answer is clearly more valuable and much more likely to be engaged with.  While this level of authenticity often takes a bit more time, it’s worth it.

Quality over quantity is key for social media in 2018.  So be authentic, provide value and don’t be afraid to have an opinion. If you follow these tips, your level of engagement with your audience will continue to grow in 2018 and beyond.


It’s a beautiful life, make it count.