6 Tips to Get More Online Reviews

There’s no better marketing today than third party marketing and RRI Coaching Member Darin Germyn, Macdonald Realty’s #1 Producing Agent in Surrey, BC, has a few things figured out when it comes to online reviews. Last year, online reviews were responsible for at least 6 of his transactions and he’s hoping this year to take that number up even higher. Darin was kind enough to share these 6 tips for getting more online reviews.

1) Ask past clients for a review

If you’re just getting started with online reviews, ask your past clients, especially those who have become real advocates of your service.  Having a few reviews on your page already will create social proof and inspire more people to write you a review when you ask.

2) Add a review request to your existing systems

When you ask a client for a referral, also ask them for a review.  Darin has taken this a step further and added this task into his buyer and listing systems.  He has a BombBomb video prepared, which is loaded into his Ixact Contact CRM, which automatically sends out to his clients a few days after subject removal. Check out the email he sends here.

3) Focus on Facebook and Google

Odds are your potential clients will be Googling you before they hire you.  Google is the gateway and the most important platform to focus on for your reviews.

As 59% of consumers look at 2 to 3 review sites before they make a decision about a business1, it’s important to ask for reviews on other sites as well.  Darin used to focus his attention on Yelp reviews, but found many were being filtered out.  Now he focuses primarily on Google and Facebook.

4) Make it simple

This one is key.  Provide clear instructions and link clients directly to your “write a review” web page.  You will be far more likely to get a review if the process starts with clicking just one button rather than asking them to Google or Facebook search your name and find you that way.

5) Follow up with every reviewer

Respond to, and thank, each and every person who writes you a review.  If you happen to get a negative review, respond promptly and politely.  You can’t always do things right, but you can always do the right thing.  Do what you can to remedy the situation and chances are you’ll create a raving fan.

6) Leverage your existing reviews, everywhere

Darin adds his online reviews to the testimonial page on his website.  He also includes a link to his Google business page. Google also allows you to embed your Google business page right to your website (find your business on the map and click “share” to find the embed code to add to your website).

One final tip from Darin: “If you want to get great reviews, make sure you give the type of service that is worthy of one.” We couldn’t agree more!

A huge thank you to Darin Germyn of Surrey, BC, for sharing these fantastic tips.  If you found this helpful, please let us know in the comments below and be sure to share this with your friends.


foto-studio-03732Darin Germyn | RRI Coaching Member
Since 2007, Darin Germyn has been an undeniable force in Western Canada’s Real Estate market. Currently ranked the #1 producing agent at Macdonald Realty in Surrey, BC, Darin uses an ever-changing Real Estate landscape as opportunity to provide innovative and significant results to his clients. For 9 years, Darin has been a proud member of the Richard Robbins International coaching program.

Until next time, make it count!



[1] https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/