3 Ideas for a Fast Start to 2014

It’s here. A brand new year filled with new possibilities. Get geared up now with these jump-start strategies.

First, the year starts now. Don’t be waiting for the snow to melt or for people to get back from their holidays. Start today because the work you do now will begin to pay off two, four, six weeks from now.

Second, get on your phone. Reach out to all the people you haven’t talked to in the past 30 days and connect via voice, email, text, Facebook, and Twitter. Wish them an amazing 2014 and let them know you are in the game and ready for business.
Finally, start setting appointments right now. Phone back every single person you met last year that had any interest in buying or selling and set an appointment to meet face to face.

Make 2014 the greatest year you’ve ever had.