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Masters Academy Real Estate Conference
November 28-29, 2023
9 to 5 pm ET Both Days
Universal Event Space (N. Toronto, ON)
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Join an elite group of top real estate professionals for 2 days of rapid-fire actionable advice, practical strategy and industry insights from some of the brightest minds this industry has to offer.

Nowhere else will you experience an online gathering of such high calibre talent in one conference.

Masters Academy 2023 is about mastering the skills you need to build a profitable business that will outperform in any market , while living the life of your dreams.

Why Attend this Conference?

  • Content: Fast-paced, innovative, and actionable strategy delivered by some of the brightest minds this industry has to offer.
  • Community: The RRI community is unmatched in this industry. You’ll join an inspiring, like – minded group of top real estate professionals to share ideas and solve challenges together.
  • Connection: Network and connect with hundreds real estate professionals from across Canada and North America for lifelong relationships and referrals!


Small Giants
5-Minute Small Ideas that are Having a Big Impact
Lightning Rounds
12-Minute Rapid-Fire ‘How-To’ Talks
Genius Interviews
Live Q&A with Real Estate Trailblazers & Experts
Tool Time
Roll Up Your Sleeves & Do the Work to Lock in Learning

A Few Session Topics


The RRI Way
A 5 Step System to Build a Business and Life You Love
Decades of research and development have gone into this proven formula for success at any level. You’ll discover what drives you, what drains you and what obstacles may be fundamentally blocking your performance so you can break-free of old habits and learn new ways to reach your potential.
Generating a 20% Return on Your Database
How to Create a Predictable Business, Every Year
Learning to generate a consistent and predictable lead stream will undeniably eliminate the stress of where your next transaction will come from. Your database (regardless of how big or small) is your goldmine and will become the foundation for your success using this proven lifetime referral system.Increasing Your Marketing Impact and ROI
Marketing Lessons from Neuroscience
Have you ever wondered how well your marketing is working? In this session, you’ll learn what gets people’s attention, how it’s perceived, is it persuasive and most importantly, what changes can you make to dramatically increase impact, conversion and ROI.Doubling Down on Lead Gen That Works For You
From micro/macro client events, open houses and door knocking to online, video and social media, you’ll hear realtime, innovative ideas that are generating leads, more referrals and creating raving advocates who can’t stop talking about their real estate agent!Stepping Off the Real Estate Treadmill
Managing Priorities, Delegation and Leverage
You’re not alone if you’re exhausted trying to keep up with client and market demands and/or confused about what you need to do everyday to win. You may feel like you’re on a never-ending treadmill chasing the next thing on your list. Here, you’ll learn how to identify and focus on the right things in your business (rather than everything), and step off the real estate treadmill for good.

Story Selling
Marketing that Sticks
Why do people really buy anything? Whether you sell houses, shoes, sheets, or paperclips – the answer is always the same. Discover the data and science behind what motivates our customers, and what that means for your business. You’ll never think about selling (or buying) the same way again.

A Few of our Featured Presenters


Founder & CEO | Richard Robbins International

One of North America’s most impactful real estate training and coaching companies with 10,000+ coaching grads and 300,000+ RRI conference attendees and counting.

Four-Time Best Selling Author | Physiologist

An expert in optimizing health and high performance, Wells has dedicated his career to making the science of human limits understandable and actionable.

Founder & CEO | True Impact Marketing

An organization that uses neuro-design principles in marketing to increase impact, conversion rates and customer retention.

Surrey, BC | REALTOR® Savant

Darin has been selling real estate since the age of 22 and since 2017 has ranked in the top 1% in the industry.

Deputy Chief Economist | CIBC

An authority on Canada’s economic future when it comes to real estate, immigration, inflation, interest rates and global issues.

Speaker | Writer | Consultant

Over 20 years experience educating Real Estate professionals and speaking to the very heart of this industry.

Testimonials from Past Attendees

Going to my first RRI conference was life changing!
RRI is such an incredible organization. You don’t feel like a member, you feel like family. Going to my first conference was life changing and I haven’t looked back since. Cannot recommend Richard and co enough. SIX stars.

Marty Majerski

Bar none, one the best conferences I’ve been to.
Was absolutely, bar none, one of the best conferences I have been to. The effort and energy that went into making the experience awesome for all was just incredible. Fantastic tools, ideas, networking, collaborative breakout sessions and top notch speakers that captured attention from start to finish.

Kathy Thirsk

You’ll never get this connection anywhere else!
It really feels like a community working hard together, like a family to help one another out. You’ll never get this kind of connection anywhere else. Really enjoyed this conference! The guest speakers were great and sharing with us the many different success stories in their careers – giving us inspiration.

Belle Tiffany

Offers tremendous value and new innovative ways to stay ahead of competition!

I have been able to implement many training ideas that have helped me to be more successful in my business. RRI offers tremendous value and are always coming up with new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Yasin Peshke

Delivers content that is relevant and timely.
RRI’s tailored approach to real estate training is what sets this organization apart. Some of the biggest names in the business, in my real estate market, were coached by RRI. I have witnessed their program evolve over the last 13 years to deliver content that is relevant and timely.

Shami Sandhu

RRI changed my life and business!
Without a doubt, this organization and the people within it have changed my life and my business! This is a place where we share openly, support one another and continue to grow as individuals, business owners and leaders. I am so grateful for this community. Sue & Rich – you should be so proud!

Sydney Fairman


Universal Event Space in Vaughan

Universal EventSpace

6250 Highway 7 (Hwy 7 and Hwy 27)
Vaughan, ON L4H 4G3
Directions/Map Here
Parking Complimentary Onsite






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  • Spacious theatre-style seating
  • Complimentary on-site parking
  • Printed Resource Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group Access



+ Tax

  • Front-of-the-house seating (first come first served)
  • Skip the lines VIP express check-in registration
  • Access to VIP Lounge (2nd floor) before conference starts & on breaks (excluding lunch break)



+ Tax

  • Front-of-the-house classroom seating
  • Platinum VIP Express Check-In
  • Exclusive access to the VIP Networking Lounge on breaks
  • Gourmet plated lunch on both conference days