The Power of Consistency

My daughter, Jaimie, started a blog ( in January 2013 all about nail polish and committed to blogging every day for an entire year.  Why nail polish? Because she loves every thing about it.

Well, Jaimie blogged every day. At first she had a few hundred readers but it wasn’t really growing.

Addalittlepolish.comBut she stayed in the game.

Then, in September traffic spiked to 3,116 views. In October it went to 5,792 and in November she had 7,480 views.

What did she do right? She finished.

A lot of people are great starters but they start too much. Jaimie started with one thing and she stuck with it.

So, pick just one thing for 2014 and then choose to finish it and then celebrate the results at the end of the year.