Refresh, Recharge and Refocus

As I head home today after a wonderful family holiday, I find myself feeling refreshed, recharged and refocused. After almost every holiday, I feel more relaxed, ready and quite honestly a little anxious to get back to work with what always seems to be a fresh perspective. I am always so fascinated at how we are able to view the world through a completely different lens whenever we are able to get away from the day-to-day. This is such a great reminder for me of how important it is to disconnect.

Unfortunately, many sales and business professionals find it difficult to disconnect and really enjoy the gift of undisturbed time away. The uncertainty of the sales game and fear contribute to many sales professionals living in what I call a state of ?silent desperation? where they want and need another sale but have no idea when or how it will happen. Some are fearful of disconnecting because they think, what if I miss a call? Or worse, lose a sale? May I suggest though that we cannot lose something we never really had.

As another summer comes to a close and Labour Day is just days away, there is no better time than now to take time for you to refresh, recharge and refocus. Take this weekend to reflect on your year thus far. What are your successes, your failures? Maybe set some new goals for the last quarter and finish 2010 stronger than ever.

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Spend time with those who are most important to you and remember, the greatest gift you can give is memories. Or why not do something you have been meaning to do all year but just never got to it. Go on an adventure, a road trip or hide away in your favourite hotel or resort for the weekend.

In others words, LIVE. I promise your work will be there when you come back.

Do something that will free your mind, body and spirit this weekend so you can return on Tuesday, September 7th and hit the ground running with a renewed body, clear mind and a fresh new perspective. When we get away, our problems start to look so much smaller, our fears become weaker and our life get so much brighter. Our darkness quite often turns to light.

Oh and by the way, if you are looking for anyone from Richard Robbins International this weekend, we won?t be around. Our team is taking a well deserved, extended long weekend from Friday September 3rd to Monday September 6th to refresh recharge and refocus.

Until next Tuesday, make it count.