Micro-Bravery to Build Business Confidence

Have you noticed that when you meet someone famous or well respected, they tend to have a certain air about them?  You can tell they are a star just by looking at them.

This is confidence.

The most successful agents all have confidence.  They prospect consistently, they ask tough questions, they say no to unqualified prospects…all because they aren’t willing to let fear get in the way of the beautiful life they want for themselves.  Want to be more successful?  Increase your confidence.  People buy confidence.

Here are 5 action steps you can take right now to help strengthen your confidence muscle.


  1. Face the truth
    First, you need to acknowledge that this is something you can improve. Start by being really honest with yourself about what your fears are.
  2. What scares you?
    Write down 1-3 small things that scare you but you know that if you did them on a regular basis, it would dramatically change your life and business. What is it that you should do, but don’t because of a lack of confidence? These can be small things like phone calls, door knocking or waking up early.
  3. Practice micro-bravery
    Every day do one of those small things that scare you.
  4. Know what makes a win
    If you door knock and someone slams the door in your face, that’s still a win! Winning isn’t about getting a yes; it’s about practicing bravery.
  5. Celebrate
    Emotionally feel the win – it’s going to feel good! This is how you develop the muscle of confidence, through these small wins. Letting yourself feel the win will make it easier to do next time.


Every day, practice a little bit of micro-bravery.  When you get experience, you build confidence.  The experience can only come from doing it.  Slowly but surely, your confidence will grow (as will your bank account).

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It’s a beautiful life, make it count.