I Just Want to Say Thank You

I know this is a clich?. But I really am the luckiest guy in the world!

This past Saturday I celebrated my 50th birthday. The celebration actually started more than a week before my birthday, though, with a surprise party at my house. Well?it wasn?t a complete surprise?when I saw tents erected in my back yard, gas heaters arriving, very large speakers and more wine than I would drink in years, I thought something might be up.

At least 60 of my closest friends and family partied and danced to the early hours of the morning, and probably would have continued to if the police hadn?t shown up and politely asked us to turn down the music. It was an extraordinary night?one of those nights when you wake up in the morning and know that a lasting memory was created.

What I didn?t know, though, was that this wasn?t the end of the celebration. The fun was only beginning!

As I packed a few days later to head to Vegas for what I thought was a speaking engagement, my wife informed me that she was coming with me, and that I should pack for ten days as we were going to be spending five days in Vegas celebrating my birthday then flying directly to Vancouver afterwards where I had four speaking engagements in British Columbia. What a surprise!

But it didn?t end there. As I finished packing, a limo pulled up with two of our closest friends who informed me that they, too, were on their way to Vegas to celebrate my 50th.

At that point I was thinking, ?This is about as good as it gets.? Until, that is, we arrived at the airport and discovered my parents checking in for the same flight. Seeing my surprised expression, my Mother looked at me and said, ?You didn?t think we were going to miss your 50th did you??

After arriving at the Encore Hotel (a hotel I have always wanted to stay at) another of my best friends and his wife arrived from the west coast to join us. I couldn’t believe it: I was about to spend the next few days checking a number of things off my bucket list with seven of my favourite people!

Over the next few days, I played golf at the Wynn Golf Club, rode a Harley out over the Hoover Dam, and celebrated my birthday dinner at Il Mulino, an amazing Italian restaurant, to name just a few things.

My most cherished memory, though, was my wife and I renewing our vows at a quaint church in Boulder City with my Mother and Father as our witnesses and my four best friends watching.

A life well lived is a life of extraordinary experiences which translate into a collection of wonderful memories. As I write this, my birthday is over but the memories will last a lifetime and I am so thankful to all those that contributed to those memories?most importantly, the master planner my amazing wife.

My life is so blessed, and as I enter the second half I want to say thank you to my wife, the most beautiful person I know inside and out. To my children who I am so proud of. My parents who have always have been my biggest fans. My family who keep me grounded. My friends who have taught me so much, but most importantly, to have fun. The RRi team I get to work with everyday who never cease to amaze me with their commitment to what we do and what we stand for. And to all of our customers?I am so thankful that I get to do what I love for a living.

I am so looking forward to the second half of my life. I truly believe the best is still yet to come!

Do I have advice that I would like to share at 50? I sure do:

Everyone dies? but not everyone lives.

So live and make wonderful memories with the people you love.

With my warmest thanks


PS ? I?m glad 60 is ten years away as I need the time to recover. 🙂