41 Ways to Have Your Best Year Ever in Real Estate

The new year is a time of possibility and excitement, and as we move into 2011, I hope that you haven?t lost the sense of opportunity that comes with a fresh start.

Despite the new year buzz, though, it?s easy to slip back into regular routines and old habits. Once that happens, your new year can quickly start to look just like the old one did.

To take things to a new level this year, you need to maintain your passion but also begin to replace some of the habits that haven’t served you in the past. To that end, here are 41 ideas for making this year your best!

  1. Each morning ask yourself, ?What is the most important thing I could do today that would move me closer to my dreams and goals?? Then do it first.
  2. Get up one hour earlier.
  3. Know the difference between a prospect and a suspect. Spend time with the former.
  4. Read 12 books?one great one each month.
  5. Set a listing appointment, a showing appointment, a CMA appointment, a listing price reduction appointment, and a potential buyer appointment every day before noon.
  6. Exercise 5 days per week?even if it?s just going for a 15-minute walk.
  7. Spend 30 minutes per day studying your market. Become known as an expert.
  8. Hire a coach.
  9. Enjoy daily family dinner.
  10. Prominently display your monthly sales and listing goals on your bathroom mirror and your office wall.
  11. Attend a personal development program every quarter.
  12. Drink three litres/quarts of water per day.
  13. Say thank you for all referrals, and send them a token of your appreciation.
  14. Follow-up within 24 hours of all appointments.
  15. Never start your day until it is finished on paper.
  16. Treat your family as your number #1.
  17. Save 10% of your gross income.
  18. Get involved in a great cause.
  19. Know how to provide valuable answers to all possible objections.
  20. Talk to your present customers every week, and your past customers/centers of influence every 90 days.
  21. Create a top ten lead list every Monday.
  22. Practice, memorize and internalize your buyer and listing presentations.
  23. Learn from every sales call and presentation. Study why you won or why you lost.
  24. Join toastmasters.
  25. Ask for referrals.
  26. Did I say hire a coach?
  27. Have lunch with someone who is already producing a result that you would like to produce.
  28. Help someone who would like to produce a result you are already producing.
  29. Eat breakfast.
  30. Do something you enjoy every day.
  31. Organize your week each Sunday night.
  32. Take a minimum of one full day off per week.
  33. Stay away from negative people.
  34. Surround yourself with like-minded people.
  35. Take a minimum of four weeks of holidays. Six to eight weeks is even better.
  36. Host at least one client appreciation party.
  37. Do your lead follow-up every day.
  38. Stay top of mind. Every person you meet knows 3-5 people that will buy or sell real estate this year.
  39. Don?t sell your prospects?educate them.
  40. Did I say hire a coach?
  41. Be happy, have fun and do your best.

Of course, the best idea is often the one that’s actually implemented. Which of the 41 would have the greatest positive impact on your life? Let us know in the comments.