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Deliver the Unexpected Book”…an absolute
must-read for any entrepreneur serious about changing the game!”

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Deliver the Unexpected is a parable structured around a series of false beliefs. Each will present an accepted or common insight into success, then expands, clarifies, or contradicts it with a new truth.

The parable follows Josh Abrams, a real estate professional who has been down on his luck and needs to deliver results in order to keep his job. He turns to his competition and an unusual coach for help.

Each of the seven myths is a lesson that readers must internalize in order to find success. Individually, each myth challenges accepted wisdom, replacing it with a new, more effective insight. Together, they form a cohesive framework applicable to personal or business achievement.

The myth approach will bring not only a framework for readers to move forward on their personal and professional journeys, but also a revelation of the pitfalls in many conventional approaches to success. The myths included are:

  1. The Abundance Myth
  2. The Value Myth
  3. The Attraction Myth
  4. The Failure Myth
  5. The Future Myth
  6. The Knowledge Myth
  7. The Happiness Myth

For anyone struggling with finding their way in business and life, Deliver the Unexpected offers a new way forward. Start doing the right things for the right reasons, and rise to your true potential. Get your copy of the book at Amazon Canada, Amazon US, 800 CEO READ, Chapters, Barnes & Noble today!

“Deliver the Unexpected is an absolute must-read for any entrepreneur serious about changing the game.”
—Robin Sharma, Bestselling Author of The Leader Who Had No Title

“Anyone can beat up on common wisdom. The trick is building something better in its place and Robbins has done it–big time. Highly recommended.”
—Michael Port, Author of The Contrarian Effect