Karri Flatla

Business Coach


Karri has held a variety of professional and volunteer roles in southern Alberta, including teaching, coaching, public speaking, politics and entrepreneurship. Having worked across multiple sectors, from rail transportation to economic development to marketing consulting, Karri understands the challenges facing modern business owners, including real estate professionals.

Driven to exceed all standards, Karri knew she was 'home' when she became a client at RRi. Since then, Karri has built an award-winning real estate team, run for office (knocking 10,000+ doors), and reinvented her business again. Today, Karri is known as a real estate trendsetter who sets the bar for client care remarkably high.

A true systems thinker, Karri helps others bring big possibilities to life through conversation, curiosity, and deliberate action. For Karri and those who work with her, success is not the end game, it's a daily practice that anyone can achieve.