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Real estate used to be a less complicated business. No doubt you’d agree that today, there’s more choice, more competition, more change and ever-increasing expectations. To succeed,
agents must learn how to navigate the current environment and understand what today’s real estate consumer really wants.

What You Will Learn


Why Attend Training Academy?

Training Academy real estate seminars are content-packed trainings held in select cities across Canada and United States throughout the year to allow all real estate professionals the opportunity to learn and grow while experiencing RRI training first hand.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, we are able to bring these powerhouse events to you absolutely free.

As such, our goal is steadfast and simple: To deliver over-the-top value to you and your business through RRI’s proven real estate strategies and tools that will help grow your business without compromising the quality of their life.

Each year, we deliver the most relevant, up-to-date and timely real estate intelligence to get to the heart of what’s working right now for the most successful REALTORS® in the country.

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Richard Robbins

CEO, RRI | Real Estate Trainer

Business mentor, international speaker and author of Deliver the Unexpected: And 6 Other New Truths For Business Success, Robbins has also been named REP magazine’s “Industry Icon” and is one of North America’s most sought-after experts in personal and professional development. Best known as the epitome of a true integrity powered leader, Richard has addressed countless audiences worldwide for over 20 years.

Chris Cummins

RRI Certified Real Estate Trainer

Real estate and business professionals across the country love Chris’ unique ability to deliver highly customized, educational content in a hilarious, approachable and real-world style. 
With RRI for over a decade now, Chris has delivered programs to over 20,000 business owners and 500 organizations across North America.

Nathan Dart

Partner, RRI US | Real Estate Trainer

Nathan’s winning formula that uses the best technology and most innovative practices, without forgetting that old-fashioned values like professionalism, honesty, and integrity still matter – has catapulted him to unimaginable levels of success. Consistently ranked among the top 5 regionally and top 100 nationally, Nathan utilizes his successful real estate experience to inspire, train and guide professionals to achieve their dreams.

Upcoming Events

April 10 2019

Training Academy 2019 Calgary

Calgary, AB

Featuring: Richard Robbins

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April 10 2019

Training Academy 2019 Kelowna

Kelowna, BC

Featuring: Chris Cummins

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May 15 2019

Training Academy 2019 Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

Featuring: Richard Robbins

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May 16 2019

Training Academy 2019 Burnaby

Burnaby, BC

Featuring: Richard Robbins

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