Masters Academy 2017 is real time business intelligence at it’s finest.

Canada’s most innovative and forward thinking real estate sales conference is here. Two days of actionable advice, high level strategy and insights from the brightest minds in the industry.

From business strategy, negotiating skills, listing success to lifetime referral systems and marketing that really works, the focus is simple:

To uncover true innovation and breakthrough any limits that are keeping you from having the business and life that you desire.

Agenda Highlights


“Success is not just knowing what to do, it’s doing what we know with relentless consistency. This is where you learn how to do this.”
– Richard Robbins

Richard Robbins, cofounder and CEO of Richard Robbins International (RRI), has elevated the businesses and lives of thousands of real estate sales professionals, team leaders and brokers for over 20 years. RRI’s combined three hundred years of real estate business experience, ongoing research and practical application have come together to create The RRI Way, a unique methodology for building a great business and an inspired life.

These 5 Principles of Business Success form the foundation of The RRI Way and when mastered, will help you become more productive, feel empowered and keep you focused on the right things as opposed to everything. Achieving the business and life you have always dreamed of is possible. Masters Academy is where you learn how to do it.




“Don’t Just Talk, Say Something!”
– Chris Cummins

In today’s new world, communication excellence is all about connecting with people and making a lasting, positive difference in their lives.  Chris teaches you to stop ‘selling’ houses and understand how people naturally want to buy or sell their home with you.  You will learn the four Natural Orientations of human behavior, and how you can make your sales process more effective and more comfortable for you and your clients.   Breakthrough your communication barriers, build instant trust and rapport with your clients and boost your conversation confidence like never before.

Chris Cummins (Bio)
Chris Cummins is an RRI certified speaker with expertise in sales, leadership, and personal development.   From top producers to brand new entrepreneurs, business professionals of all shapes and sizes appreciate Chris’s unique ability to deliver highly customized, educational content in a hilarious, approachable and real-world style.

Chris has delivered programs to over 20,000 business owners and 500 organizations across North America!




“10 Proven Tips to Solve All Your Social Media Woes”
– Valerie Garcia

Keeping up with social media trends and do’s & don’t can seem almost impossible these days. Knowing what to post, when to post and where to post can be overwhelming. In this session, you will master 10 simple and realistic tips to help get you engage with your networks, grow your relationships, and deliver content that is valuable.

Valerie Garcia (Bio)
Named as both an Inman Top 100 Influencer, as well as a Top 20 Social Influencer on the Swanepoel Power 200, Valerie is considered to be a key voice in the Real Estate industry.  As an international Real Estate speaker and consultant, Valerie is known for delivering encouragement and truth with her signature straightforward style and sense of humour.

She has had the privilege of working with Real Estate brands such as RE/MAX, Century 21, Royal LePage, and others in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, and has spent over 17 years educating and teaching Real Estate professionals




“In the next 5 years, almost all marketing will be done through video.”
– Steve Pacinelli

Discover the best opportunities to engage with your sphere, prospects, and clients using video.  From texting, to email, and even social media, video provides an amazing opportunity to connect emotionally with your audience when used appropriately.

You will learn:

  • What makes for memorable video content
  • How to stay comfortable and look your best on camera
  • A unique strategy for finding out who you should be reaching out to and when
  • How to get your recipients to play your video
  • The psychology of when and why video is most effective.

Steve Pacinelli (Bio)
As Chief Marketing Officer for BombBomb, Stephen Pacinelli has delivered more than 1,000 presentations to real estate and mortgage professionals on themes of the online marketing, video communication, psychology of the sale, lead conversion, sales automation, and more. The co-founder of Tech Savvy Agent and former National Speaker and Trainer of Move Inc, he likes to stay on the edge of new tools, technologies, and techniques in our fast-changing and increasingly digital sales environments.




Spotlight Interview and Live Audience Q & A
Royce Mendes, Sr. Economist, CIBC and Richard Robbins

About Royce Mendes
Prior to joining CIBC as a Director and Senior Economist, Royce Mendes spent several years at the Bank of Canada.  At CIBC, Royce is  responsible for monitoring/forecasting both the Canadian and US economies, and is the lead author of the department’s foreign exchange publication and writes other thematic pieces on various topics of interest to financial markets.  He is regularly quoted in the media for his work at CIBC.

Mr. Mendes holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Finance degree from Queen’s School of Business.  He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.




“Becoming a media darling takes more than just a press release.”
– Heidi Allen

Crossing into the media genre does not mean just getting on television – it means media in all forms from television, radio, social and print.   It’s about your positioning as an expert, being relatable and telling stories that matter and make a difference.  Learning to tell a story that ordinary people can relate to and sharing your knowledge in a conversational style is key to media success and priceless brand exposure.

Heidi Allen (Bio)
Heidi’s career path ranges from photographer, retail storeowner, lifestyle editor, co-host for a morning drive radio show and most recently, as segment producer for the Marilyn Dennis Show, the #1 rated daytime television show in Canada.  As segment producer, Heidi fell in love with making a difference in people’s lives and has turned to making a difference in a bigger way through the Positive People Army.




“The best listing presentations leave your clients convinced that you are the ONLY person for the job.”
– Bill Parnaby, Team Leader | Bolton, ON

With over 25 years in the business, Bill has been ranked in the Top 1% of Canada of all Royal LePage agents, #6 in Ontario and awarded the Lifetime Award of Excellence.  Bill’s knowledge, honesty and common sense approach work successfully, hand in hand with the Team’s core values and beliefs.  This combination of traits and values is appreciated and celebrated by his team, countless clients, colleagues and community.




Tom Storey, Team Leader
Toronto, ON