• Dana Richard
      Dana RichardHead Coach, Med, COT, BASc, PEng

      With a flair for helping others identify and excel in their sweet spot, Dana’s unique style of coaching helps his clients flourish in a career built from their passions and rooted in personal fulfillment.

    • Alison Sylvester, CMC, CCP
        Alison Sylvester, CMC, CCPCoach

        A Certified Master Coach (CMC) and Certified Coaching Practitioner (CCP), Alison is a highly sought-after coach and mentor with a proven track record for helping her clients achieve their goals and beyond.

      • Bill Parnaby
          Bill ParnabyCoach

          With nearly 25 years of real estate experience, Bill uses his knowledge to guide real estate professionals towards a business that brings them the utmost satisfaction, both professionally and personally.

        • Jeanne Olson
            Jeanne OlsonCoach

            More than two decades of real estate experience plus an unrivalled zest for life make Jeanne one of the most supportive, inspiring and intelligent coaches in the industry today.

          • Mark Hohenwarter
              Mark HohenwarterCoach

              With more than three decades of real estate experience, this Vancouver based, award-winning professional uses the insights he learned to inspire others to produce remarkable results.

            • Nancy Steinhausen
                Nancy SteinhausenCoach

                An MBA graduate, strategic thinker, skillful communicator and a results-focused leader, Nancy helps her coaching clients identify key opportunities for growth and soar to new heights in business and in life.

              • Sandra Simpson
                  Sandra SimpsonCoach
                  A firm footing in the basics as well as a strong aptitude and enthusiasm for new technologies make this award-winning realtor and coach a key companion on the road to success and competitive advantage.
                • Tony Joe
                    Tony JoeCoach
                    A full-time professional real estate agent for more than two decades, Tony has a firm belief in the correlation between success and service, an unwavering belief he instils in his coaching clients.
                  • Tracy Mullin
                      Tracy MullinCoach
                      A ‘no limits’ attitude and tons of on-the-ground experience make this enthusiastic and insightful coach a steady mentor for those looking to go beyond their status quo and ascend to the next level.
                    • Sandra O’Donohue
                        Sandra O’DonohueCoach

                        With more than three decades in real estate Sandra uses her knowledge to coach Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers to build the life of their dreams.

                      • Braden Wheatcroft
                          Braden WheatcroftCoach

                          Passion and ambition are two words to describe Braden’s professional attitude. He provides expert support for career growth, tailored to each agent’s needs to build a happy business and life.

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