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The Future of Real Estate Sales

Five inevitable trends you simply can’t ignore.

Today’s real estate professional is in the midst of a revolution. How buyers shop, how sellers sell and how the two find each other have changed dramatically. What agents and brokers used to provide, and what used to be considered excellent service, is now just the starting point. The good news is this new real estate landscape is one of enormous opportunity. Discover the driving forces behind these changes, and the shifts you need to make in order to thrive in today’s new world.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the forces driving the coming changes in the real estate industry
  • Learn 5 key shifts facing real estate professionals in the next two decades
  • Understand the changes you need to make in your business today, to take advantage of these changes

Delivering The Unexpected

Become a market leader by delivering the unexpected.

Competition now arrives on every front. Age, experience, technology and location are no longer significant barriers to entry–your next competitor can now be anywhere, anyone, and anytime in the world. So how do you survive and thrive in a world where customers have access to everything, and when competing on price is a race to the bottom? The solution: create your own uncontested market space using three key principles.

Key takeaways:

  • Set yourself apart from the competition in three critical ways: value, advocacy & meaning.
  • Understand the new paradigm of value that drives customers and potential customers
  • Move customers beyond loyalty to active advocacy
  • Build a profitable and sustainable business around fun, passion, and contribution.

The Most Effective Business-Building System, Ever!

Create a foundation for long-term, sustainable and predictable lead generation through repeat and referral business.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn RRi’s powerful, proven, Lifetime Referral System, designed to help you generate a consistent and predictable stream of high quality referrals from your database, year after year
  • Understand the significance of moving your customers from satisfaction or loyalty to active advocacy
  • Design your personalized, database touch system to produce 10,15 or even 25 transactions each and every year with absolutely certainty
  • Identify your database ROI and benchmarks for future success

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