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The Marketing Battle | Conquer the Epic Battle of Choice

"I attended one of your seminars and it was the best thing I have attended in years! ... after attending your 2-hour seminar, I left there in awe." - Dolores Trentadue, Toronto, ON

We know there is an epic battle of choice for you when it comes to proven, tried and true sales/marketing strategies and shiny, new age marketing platforms. How do you know which strategies work, which ones don't and most importantly, which ones will work for you and your business? This 2-hour power-packed seminar will demystify the complex world of real estate sales and marketing and bring clarity like never before.

Key Topics Covered at This Power Session:

  • Old School Marketing: What still works best and what should you run from?
  • Social Media: Big opportunity or big waste of time?
  • Competition: How do you stand out amongst a sea of business models?
  • Generating Business: What are the top 3 fastest business generators today?

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