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The Future of Real Estate Sales

"I attended one of your workshops and it was the best thing I have attended in years! ...after attending your 2 hour workshop, I left there in awe." - Dolores Trentadue, Toronto, ON

Today’s real estate professionals, and the guidance, market knowledge and expertise they provide, have never been more vital to buyers and sellers.

It’s a new world out there. Real estate consumers have access to more information, data and options than ever, and agents are working harder and longer for less and less. It’s time for a fresh approach and some timely strategies that will breathe new life into your business.

The Future of Real Estate Sales, our newest half-day event with Richard Robbins or Chris Cummins, will reveal the inevitable trends facing all real estate professionals. But more importantly, it will offer you substantial, meaningful and viable solutions to thrive in our new real estate landscape, while inspiring you to take action toward building a great business.

What you will learn:  Future of Real Estate Sales

  • The top 3 inevitable trends facing real estate professionals in the next two decades.
  • The key forces driving change in the real estate industry today.
  • The top 3 changes you need to make in your business now to compete in the playing field.

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